Magma Safety Panels

Safety Panel sample close up
Magma Safety Panels fitted on rail platform

Pre-coated heavy duty skid resistant panels manufactured from Birch-throughout plywood. Magma Safety Panels are fully encapsulated in epoxy resin and have a near diamond hard aggregate bonded into the wearing surface giving excellent skid resistance properties.

They are extremely durable and suitable for use on external sites for applications such as Footbridges, Walkways, Disabled Access Ramps, Railway Platforms, Cycleways, Pontoons, Jetties and Signal Gantries.

Magma Safety Panels brochure (pdf)
Slip resistance test results for Magma Safety Panels


Technical Data

    DLR panels Safety footbridge DDA compliant access ramp
  • Plywood
    Birch throughout to B.S. 5268 part II 1988 section 4, of certified quality and manufactured to B.S. 6566 1985, solid face veneers not lower than ISO grade III.
  • Panel Sizes
    Standard Panels available in 1220mm x 2440mm and 1525mm x 3050mm sizes, in 6, 12, 18 and 24mm thickness.
  • Epoxy Resin
    Non-solvented unmodified Bisphenol A epichlorohydrin resin.
  • Aggregate
    FT grade (Foot Traffic) 0.9mm - 1.4mm. HFT grade (Heavy Foot Traffic) 1.4mm - 2mm. RT grade (Road Traffic) 3mm - 5mm. Moh's hardness 9, Polished Stone Value 70 (minimum).
  • Tactile
    MagmaTac tiles can be incorporated into Magma Safety Panels when used on Footbridges and Railway Platforms.
  • Colours
    Available in a range of standard colours.
  • The anti-skid surface is applied in a single application with the reverse side and edges totally sealed.


Structural Performance

Key for tables:
d = deflection limited
s = normal stress limited
t = shear stress limited

Single span - uniform distribution diagramSingle Span – Uniformly Distributed Load

Span (mm) Nominal thickness (mm)
  6.5 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30
300 1.93d 5.32d 11.28d 20.56d 33.87d 51.95d 75.53d 105.32d 138.85t
400 0.79d 2.02d 4.71d 8.61d 14.21d 21.83d 31.76d 44.32d 59.81d
500 0.38d 1.09d 2.37d 4.35d 7.21d 11.10d 16.18d 22.60d 30.52d
600   0.60d 1.33d 2.47d 4.12d 6.36d 9.29d 13.00d 17.57d
800     0.51d 0.98d 1.66d 2.60d 3.82d 5.37d 7.29d
1,000       0.45d 0.79d 1.25d 1.87d 2.66d 3.63d
1,200         0.40d 0.66d 1.01d 1.46d 2.01d


Double span - uniform distribution diagramDouble Span – Uniformly Distributed Load

Span (mm) Nominal thickness (mm)
  6.5 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30
300 4.71d 12.88d 26.90s 39.69s 55.44s 72.57s 89.43t 100.23t 111.04t
400 1.96d 5.39d 11.44d 20.85d 31.13s 40.75s 52.03s 64.93s 78.60s
500 0.98d 2.73d 5.82d 10.62d 17.53d 26.03s 33.24s 41.49s 50.23s
600 0.55d 1.55d 3.33d 6.10d 10.09d 15.51d 22.58d 28.75s 34.81s
800   0.61d 1.35d 2.51d 4.18d 6.45d 9.42d 13.18d 17.82d
1,000     0.65d 1.23d 2.08d 3.23d 4.74d 6.66d 9.02d
1,200     0.34d 0.67d 0.15d 1.18d 2.67d 3.77d 5.13d


Joint, Edge and Nosing Details


Standard Butt Joint diagram
Standard Butt Joint

Lapped Joint diagram
Lapped Joint

Chamfered Edge diagram
Chamfered Edge

Tongue & Groove Joint diagram
Tongue & Groove Joint

Bullnosed Edge Diagram
Bullnosed Edge

Special Nosings diagram
Special Nosings


Fixing Details


Plated Woodscrews diagram
Plated Woodscrews

Plated Screws into Plugs diagram
Plated Screws into Plugs

Bolt Fixings diagram
Bolt Fixings

Plated Coachscrews diagrams
Plated Coachscrews

Resin Anchors

Self Drilling Screws diagram
Self Drilling Screws


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