Magmatac sample close up
Magmatac fitted before and after a step

A revolutionary new tactile panel designed to alert visually impaired pedestrians to hazards

The flexible moulded tile has been developed to offer significant benefits to users, including:

  • Easy to lay
    The tiles can be bonded to asphalt, concrete or steel and, being pliable, can mould to most surface undulations. As the tiles are applied to exisiting surfaces there is no requirement for lengthy and expensive structural work.
  • Quick
    MagmaTac can be laid in busy pedestrian areas with the minimum amount of disruption and can be used within 2 hours of being laid.
  • Durable
    The resin bonded aggregate used in the tiles has a Moh's hardness of 9 and is suitable for use in heavily traficked pedestrian areas.
  • Compliant with standards
    MagmaTac meets all of the criteria outlined by The Department of the Environment, British Standards and the Office of the Rail Regulator.

MagmaTac can be incorporated onto Magma Safety Panels for use when re-decking timber footbridges and platforms.

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Magmatac Patterns

MagmaTac is available in 3 standard patterns

Magamtac corduroy pattern diagram
Corduroy pattern
To be used in situations where visually impaired people
need to be warned of hazards such as:

  • The top and bottom of stairs
  • The foot of a ramp to an on-street LRT
  • A level crossing where footways/ footpaths join a shared route

Magamtac corduroy profile diagram

Magamtac offset pattern diagram

Magamtac inline pattern diagram
Blister patterns

The "Off Set" blister pattern is for use on rail platforms to alert pedestrians to the proximity of the platform edge.

The "In Line" blister pattern is for use at pedestrian crossing points for road users to differentiate between where the footway ends and the carriageway begins.

Magamtac blister profile diagram


Supply information

MagmaTac™ tactile panels come in packs of 10 and are supplied with pigmented PU adhesive and application instructions.

Please contact us for further details.


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